The waist to hip ratio is a way to assess whether you have a healthy or less healthy distribution of body fat.

One method you can use to see how good your waist size is, is to compare it to your hip size and turn it into a waist to hip ratio (WHR).

As your hips are bones, they will not alter much throughout your life, and they are representative of your overall structure and gives you a constant to work out how much abdominal fat you have. Abdominal fat is a huge factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, and the less we have, generally, the better.

Measurements required for waist to hip ratio calculator

Measure the circumference of your waist and hips with a tape measure, it doesn’t matter what unit you use as long as it is the same for both, and put the figures into the calculator below. Then check the number it gives you against the figures in the table to work out how good your WHR is.

This calculator is only meant to give you a rough idea, and should not be taken as medical advice.