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More diabetes education is required regarding commercial driver license (CDL) holders with diabetes, new research suggests.

Results from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School and Pharmacy were published in The Diabetes Educator, after researchers investigated health care providers’ knowledge of insulin regulations in CDL holders.

Jessica L. Keer, PharmD, CDE and colleagues assessed 136 members of the American Association of Diabetes Education (AADE) using a survey. They collected information of the members’ knowledge of insulin regulations and their perspectives on diabetes management in CDL holders.

139 AADE members responded to the survey, with 88.4 per cent believing the law should be the same for diabetes and CDL holders regardless of diabetes type.

61.5 per cent were unsure if their state had regulations regarding insulin use, while 82.8 per cent reported that poorly managed diabetes control did not restrict CDL forms.

61 per cent reported current federal law prevented the proper management of diabetes, with many expressing concern that the existing laws may require changes.

Overall, researchers observed that additional diabetes education is necessary for health care providers treating CDL holders, with many unaware of current regulations and management strategies.

The researchers concluded: “With the potential negative impact insulin use had for CDL holders and their employment, there is a need for further research regarding proper management of diabetes in this patient population.”