The Animas Vibe insulin pump, which incorporates the Dexcom 4 Platinum continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor, has finally received FDA approval for use in adults within the Unites States.

The Animas Vibe’s integration with the Dexcom 4 Platinum sensor means that blood glucose levels can be continued monitored through the day on the colour screen of the pump without needing an extra handset.

Features of the Animas Vibe insulin pump

The pump comes with a number of additional benefits. The pump allows very low dose increments of 0.025 units per hour for basal dose increments and 0.05 units for bolus doses. The bolus calculator takes into active insulin to prevent ‘stacking’ of doses leading to hypos.

The Animas Vibe includes a comprehensive food database which can be customized with your own favourite foods. The pump is also waterproof to a depth of 12 feet for 24 hours.

A long wait for approval

The approval has been long awaited in the United States with the Animas Vibe receiving European approval back in June 2011. Whilst approval has been granted for use in adults, children will need to wait longer for approval.

Orders for the pump can be placed with Animas and the company will look to fulfil order from January 2015.