Insulin pump

Insulin pump manufacturer Medtronic has started to enrol patients with type 1 diabetes for a clinical trial which will test out its latest technology.

The trial will test the safety and effectiveness of the company’s Predictive Low Glucose Management (PLGM) technology. The PLGM technology has been designed to people with diabetes to better manage hypoglycemia, to prevent the length of time they spend hypo whilst also preventing rebound hyperglycemia from occurring.

The PLGM technology builds upon the company’s existing Threshold Suspend feature which was approved just over a year ago, in September 2013. Threshold Suspend relies on its Enlite continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor which works together with the pump to switch off insulin delivery when blood glucose levels drop too low. The MiniMed 530G is the insulin pump that is currently available with the Threshold Suspend feature.

Working towards an artificial pancreas

People with type 1 diabetes will be interested to follow the development of the new trial on the PLGM technology to see whether, or how much, it confers advantages over the existing Threshold Suspend technology.

For the study, 84 patients will be enrolled across 8 centers and the first set of patients has already been enrolled. The type of trial that will be conducted is an investigational device exemption (IDE) study, which simply means that it is a trial that allows Medtronic to test the technology before it has received marketing approval.

If the trial is successful, it will mark yet another step towards developing an insulin pump based artificial pancreas system, with each new technology advance that is approved bringing us ever closer to that outcome.