There are a number of health targets which people with diabetes need to achieve.

The health targets are the same for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, although some people may have personalized targets set by their own health team.

The diabetes health targets discussed on this page are those that will be measured and recorded by your health team.

Why are health targets important to achieve?

Large scale research shows that those that meet the guideline levels are less likely to develop long term complications of diabetes such as heart disease, kidney disease and impaired vision.

It’s also worth pointing out that if you can meet the health targets, you are also likely to feel more healthy and energetic.

These tests will be carried out by your health team over one or more visits.

The measurements taken from blood tests can often be taken at the same time.

What health targets should I be achieving?

Adults, unless pregnant, should aim to achieve the following health targets:

Health measurement How it’s taken Target level
A1c Blood test Under 7.0%
eAG Blood test Under 154 mg/dL
Blood pressure Blood pressure meter Under 120/80 mmHg
LDL cholesterol levels Blood test under 100 mg/dL
HDL cholesterol levels Blood test Over 40 mg/dl (men)
Over 50 mg/dl (women)
Triglyceride levels Blood test Under Under 150 mg/dl
BMI Measurement of height and weight 19 to 24.9

What other health targets may be set?

There are other health targets linked to lifestyle which are also highly recommended, including:

  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Quitting smoking
  • Taking a minimum amount of exercise –usually at least 2 and a half hours a week where possible