Dating with diabetes is not too different than dating without it, but it is something to consider during the dating process.

Telling your date you have diabetes

This will be down to personal preference, but if you inject for your diabetes then it may be a good idea to explain what you are doing.

Your date may be squeamish about needles, so asking them about this beforehand can prevent a less than receptive reaction if you inject and they feel uncomfortable.

Depending on your medication regime, you may be able tell your date about your diabetes at a later date, especially if you do not need to medicate in front of your date.

If you take insulin, however, and are susceptible to hypoglycemia, this will be worth mentioning sooner rather than later.

Will my diabetes matter?

Unfortunately, there will be some people who cannot deal with injections or other aspects of diabetes management.

If diabetes is a problem for your date, then it’s likely he or she is not the person you want to spend your time with.

It may take your date a little while to adjust to your diabetes management, but more often than not this will not last long and eventually most partners will become accustomed to your medication schedule.

If your partner not only accepts your diabetes, but is willing to help you manage it, this can be an indication of his or her potential commitment.

In likelihood, cases of people worrying about diabetes and dating are unfounded, and the more able you are to accept your diabetes, the less of an issue it will be for your date.

Diabetes and emotions

The ups and down from diabetes can lead to emotional reactions, especially if you have only recently been diagnosed.

Experiencing mood changes is normal, but it is advised to reassure your date that occasional changes in your emotions can be common and that you are in control.

Diabetes and sex

Sexual activity can be influenced by diabetes, with hypoglycemia a possibility if you take certain insulin, sulfonylureas or glinides.

If you feel the symptoms of low blood sugar during sex you should inform your partner and test your blood glucose levels immediately.

For more information, read our Sex and Diabetes page.

Insulin pumps

Having an insulin pump can make some people self-conscious, but you will find more often than not that dates will not be fazed about pumps.

My date is too interested in my diabetes

Some people with diabetes may prefer to have total control, and can feel uncomfortable if their partner is getting too involved with their diabetes.

If this is making management awkward for you, then you should delicately broach the subject. On the other hand, this may be a positive sign that your partner cares for you and is looking to help.