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    Basically, the body can run on two different fuels, one is sugar from carbohydrates, food, and wheat. A most common example is rice, pasta, bread, potatoes. Other fuels are fat, the keto diet is very low carbohydrates. So low of carbs body has to switch to may use fat for fuel. i.e. real fruits, eggs, meat, avocado, butter, olive oil, nuts, etc. Even the brain can become fuel by fat when the body is out of sugar fat is converted in the liver into energy molecules called keto that fuels the brain. And the diet that results in this is called ketogenic means its consists of ketones and that's why this diet is called keto diet.

    Nuts are both delicious and helps to prevent and manage heart diseases. these nuts are rich in iron, high in magnesium, and the unsaturated fat. High in omega 3 fats, antioxidants, and phytosterols are best for the immune system also.

    Cauliflower is best for health and fit for diet plan because it is a natural resource of nutrients. It is also a healthy vegetable but when cauliflower roasted its taste gone on yummy. Its also helps to reduce several diseases and prevent heart diseases most of all in Cancer case. Cauliflower plays an important role in losing extra weight by burn fat. Try it for best health.


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