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Discussion in 'Exercise and fitness' started by vinceNM, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I am supposed to reduce the non-natural sugar in the food I eat - reduce the over all sugar load. Have the list of appropriate foods from my doctor, but it is fairly narrow. Sugar does seem to be everywhere in what I've been eating. I've read food processors put lots of added sugars in many of the food products people normally purchase, and there is even added sugar in many restaurant menu items. I'm wondering if there are any good guides or tools out there to quickly analyze sugar in a broader array of potential food purchases? I'm doing some research now - anyone else use something quick and convenient? Thanks!
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    You're right, the vast majority of processed foods have sugar and all sorts of other nasties.

    The more you can home prepare food, the better. Vegetables are as safe a bet as you can get. Aim to avoid low fat foods as these typically are more processed and contain added sugars to make up for the loss of flavour which results from stripping out the fat (which in the case of dairy foods is natural).

    As well as limiting sugar, it's good to limit yopur intake of the most starchy foods, such as potatoes, bread, pasta, rice. There are foods that are more healthy alternatives such as quinoa, sweet potato, celeriac and swede.

    Going to a restaurant is fine as long as its an occasional thing. If you're visiting a restaurant once a week or more, consider eating at home more or bringing home prepared food instead.
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    Generally your doctor will tell you to eat low fat stuff but I find these are full of hidden sugars and extra carbs which really push my blood glucose up quickly. Try going for full fat stuff and you will find that it has less sugar :)

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