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    I am not sure if I am diabetic or pre-diabetic...I did have some blood and urine test done in October 2014..nothing came back abnormal.

    BUT my skin feel EXTREMELY smooth like a Dove Bar (I dont use Dove..I use hand dishwashing soap as it removes oil much better...and I tend to sweat a lot...almost all my life! It also is easy to rinse off when I wash my shaved bald head)....My feet and hands look beet red at times, my feet tingle more than they used to (I do have nerve damage due to falling HARD on my tailbone once and pinched a nerve) Lately, I feel lack of energy, headaches (but BP is normal), soreness and joints ache, sometimes I pass blood in my bowel but I have had hemorrhoids most of my life (and eating more fiber now)....the blood issue was checked by my GP and he said it was ok..bright red and probably due to a rhoid popping open..but lately more blood than usual...My lower legs shows bruises ...dont know where they came from???? Bottom of feet get darker red..and if I put my elbow on a leg, then remove it after 30 mins or so, it leaves a red mark for a while and some turn to a bruise like mark.
    I feel like I had a headache all the time..and was gaining weight (was drinking red wine to help me sleep at night and that was adding weight on bigtime!)...I quit all alcohol and my NEW 36w jeans I bought a year or so ago fit again!!! SO good the morning after sleeping, my hands look swollen (especially if I slept ON them), my body feels funny..and I AM SCARED!!! been unemployed for 2+ years....and barely get outside most of the time...I KNOW I should be exercising more but boredom and depression kicked in...WX did not help either...but now I have a good job coming up and need to get over this...I eat right (NO more junk food and lots of fiber, fruits, veggies and white meat lean only...Water and Milk the only liquids...but the way my body FEELS scares me..I have NO insurance and my doc moved and raised his rates 50%!!!!!I have taken out 40K+ out of my IRA already....need to get back into the workplace and want to buy a place of my own (divorced, no kids, lost my dear pets (dogs) who I MISS every day!!!, and more)....hands and feel tingle and feel clammy....smooth skin (too smooth).....I have tinnitus in both ears....and take Ambien 10- sometimes 15mg), off label Trazadone (150mg) and 1 mg of Xanna to help me sleep at night...sometimes just the Ambien works...(the noise is SOO loud I have to knock myslef out...otherwise, no sleep!)....

    NOW I think I have covered the feets show varicose veins and the lower legs show bruises that I dont know where they came from....Isnt that a symptom of diabetes???? I am 56 and really worried I could end up having to take meds I cannot afford, or at worse, loosing my feet!!!!

    Can anyone who is good in knowing the symptoms let me know what they think about my situation?? One minute I feel fine....the next, I feel weak and the nerves sting...

    My bodily functions seem to be normal...since I quit drinking soda and other stuff, I drink water more than I used to....because I want to keep hydrated...but my nee to go is not much more than it used to I dont think there is a prostrate issue....
    WOULD appreciate someone to talk to me one on one.....My doctor moved recently and because he was at a clinic, the records stayed at the clinic..SO I have to request them to send it all over to his new office...and that may take a while.....also he has inho, gone downhill in the past 3-4 years and I am not sure I am getting the care from him I USED to.....if this is serious, I AM reviewer on Google said the doc missed a blood exam and the posters mother ended up with cancer 6 months later and had to go to Houston to get treated because of the timing..Houston said if the test had been ran right and the pre-cancer noted early enough, she could have made it..

    THAT scares me too.............PEASE only serious intelligent replies...(I start a Win7 deployment as a local chemical plant the sooner the better!)

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    Hi Chris, the red feet and hands, the very smooth skin and the bruising easily suggest there's likely one or more conditions that could be causing these symptoms.

    There are a number of conditions that could explain some of the symptoms. As an example, Cushings's syndrome can result in thinning of the skin and increase the chance of bruising. Swollen hands and feet could be a result of a number of conditions. Nerve pain is often associated with diabetes although again there are other reasons for nerve pain too. Kidney disease can lead to a number of these symptoms too -eg swollen hands/feet, easy bruising or blood in the stool.

    A number of different conditions can cause these symptoms and a doctor is in the best place to diagnose the true reason. Have any of your symptoms come on or got worse since the last time you saw a doctor?
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    These symptoms fit a lot of different illnesses. I'm not a professional but I suggest you go to another doctor for a second opinion as well as a screening for other medical issues.

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