Not Able To Get Blood For Testing

Discussion in 'Ask a question' started by DysphoniaBec, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Jan 5, 2015
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    My husband has type 2 diabetes and tried to test once a day. He has peripheral neuropathy in his hands and has lost fine motor skills and has a lot of trouble with gross motor skills. This morning I used the lancing device and tried four fingers on one hand several times each and wasn't able to get enough blood for his test. Even tried a couple of fingers on his other hand, changed lancets, etc. We finally gave up. It was very frustrating. Any suggestions on how to get blood to his fingers for testing. He has no feeling in his fingers, only constant pain from the neuropathy!
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    Always make sure his hands are warm and if he can shake his hands so the blood goes to his finger tips .I had a friend who had a similar problem and she always had a bowl of warm water near her before she tested her blood to soak her hand in it might help good luck.

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