New To Diabetes (girlfriend To A Man With Diabetes)

Discussion in 'Ask a question' started by Soulshine1965, Nov 29, 2015.

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    Kind of stressed out now. He had a stroke and we found out that he has diabetes. When we left the hospital they didn't tell us when and how often to test his blood sugar and what we should be tracking with Thanksgiving all of his new doctors are out of town his blood sugar at discharge was 277 last night was 241 tonight is 194. I feel that it is making an improvement but is it at the right pace? I don't want to lose the love of my life to this disease and I find him being very frustrated and angry with me and at his medical conditions

    High sodium levels
    High blood pressure
    High blood sugar /diabetes
    Stroke we found out that it was his second. We didn't know about the first one
    Poor blood flow circulation in both legs

    He wasn't put on a diet so I have been reading up on carb and sugars.

    He's on the nicotine patch now too

    I just want to comfort him but I know that I need to be firm and take the verbal abuse until we get settled into a new lifestyle

    I only had about 15 minutes to myself yesterday to cry and grieve; he said that my crying was disturbing his sleep.

    I know it's so overwhelming and frightening for him but I do know a few things about lifestyle changes and they aren't easy if you are willing and committed..

    Thanks for letting me vent. I slipped into becoming inactive at my church (Mormon) and he's a lapsed Catholic. The sisters from church want to come over and help but he like devil spawn right now and I don't want to stress him or them out.
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    Its sounds like a rough time, have things settled down over the last couple of months.

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