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    I was diagnosed as type 2. Found out my 2 brothers from a previous marriage had something called mody one passed at 16 years old the other at 36 years old. Both parents are type 2, 2 siblings from mothers previous marriage are type 2 both controlled, and both set of grandparents had type 2 insulin diabetes. I recently started seeing a new endo because my previous one was insisting that I was lying about my food intake which I was not I wrote took pictures of everything I ate and exercised due to no weight loss and my blood sugars getting higher and higher. And right now I'm as puzzled as my new endo she does think there is a strong suspicion of me having moody however my insulin resistance is very very high. My sugars rise after insulin dose they don't lower, I can't seem to lose weight, and once my numbers get below 190 I'm sick dizzy shaking nausea sweating till I eat then I'm fine and the cycle repeats. My sugars are always in 200 or 300 last a1c was 8.1. She said that insurance won't pay for a test for mody so I can't get it. I was diagnosed at 16 with hypoglycemia at 18 it was hyperglycemia and at 21 uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and at 33 after exhausting oral meds not working I was put on insulin. My mother also had high numbers and was on insulin pump. I take 30 units of levemir 2x a day, novalog for short acting carb ratio 1:3 plus I'm on metformin er 500mg a day. I've been on insulin for a year now and its just spiking more and more. Has anyone experienced this or can possible help me figure this out cuz I'm sick of being sick all the time do to my sugars.
    Example of sugars on typical day:::
    Wake up fasting- 296
    Lunch- 219
    Took a walk
    Bedtime- 289
    Unless I'm Constantly exercising walking high but when I stop to exercise I start going back up and by exercise I mean sitting for an hour.
    I questioned if it could be the artificial sweeteners my father's sugar rises when he drinks or eats artificial sweeteners I tend to get ill vomiting and diarrhea from eating anything containing the artificial sugars but can seem to drink it and tolerate it. I also notice alot more chronic pain and always tired and moody which I attribute to my blood sugars. I just need some advice or something to tell me that I'm not alone this does happen and maybe there is a cure. The only time I ever had good blood sugars is when I don't eat I have no highs no lows but not eating isnt good for anybody!

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