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    I am new to this forum. I am looking for anyone with LADA. Almost a year ago now, I was not feeling well. By process of elimination I began to notice some of my blood sugars were high. My highest A1c was only 5.8. I went to an endocrinologist and had a titers drawn. My GAD antibody came back positive. My C-peptide was normal but "low normal" from then I began watching my diet and continuing to monitor my A1c levels. My most recent level was 5.5. Even with a low carb diet, I will occasionally experience high blood sugars around 180-190, 1hr pp. These high sugars all seem to correlate with my mwnstrual cycle.I have managed to bring my fastings below 100, usually 80-90 range by eating a good snack before bed. My endocrinologist wants me to start taking a long acting insulin to help preserve any beta cell function. I have not started taking it as I have experienced many "lows" throughout the day and I am afraid this will make it worse. They also recommended that I take this TUDCA supplement. I don't like that I have to order the product off Amazon or that the capsules smell like acetone. But I take 1, 250mg capsule each day. I am also taking a cinnamon supplement twice a day. Is there anyone who has a positive GAD antibody but a "normal" A1c that is taking insulin to preserve beta cell function? Is there anyone taking this TUDCA in hopes of stopping the progression of LADA? Thank you in advance

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