Cutting down on sugar can be quite tough change to make, but it can have an enormously positive effect on… well on everything.

Sugar has very little nutritional benefit, it just provides energy (which often turns to fat), but this unnecessary flavoring comes with an assortment of disadvantages and is implicated in a wide variety of diseases, so the less we have, the better.

Reducing your sugar intake can be tough, but there are some huge benefits which may tempt you to oust much of it from your diet.

Flatter bellies

Cutting down on sugar can be a fantastic way to lose weight and get a slimmer figure. Sugar gets turned very quickly into energy in our bodies, and if we don’t use that energy, it gets stored as fat.

Sugar, because it has no nutrition other than energy, satisfies hunger for only a short period of time and then we become hungry again. This effect can be exaggerated further in those of us with diabetes.

New experiences, new discoveries

Cutting back on sugary foods is often less of a restriction and more of an invitation to try new things.

Tired of the same old tinned soup flavors? Home-made soups give an almost limitless range of variety without the added sugar.

In place of sugary ready meals try making your own moussaka, cauliflower cheese or your own chili con carne. You control the ingredients therefore you can ensure the sugar in these meals is low or zero. If you make larger portions, you can always freeze some for a future meal that can be heated up as easily as ready meal.

Sugary snacks can be replaced with nuts or different fruits such as berries or melon. Real fruit in natural yoghurt makes for a satisfying dessert. Just note that fruit contains natural sugars. Fruit in moderation is healthy, just don’t go crazy on the portion sizes of fruit.

The upward spiral

Once you’ve started on the journey to a healthier, less sugary-dependent you, it generates a self-fulfilling, upward spiral.

Eating better, feeling better, and the first signs of weight loss are some of the most powerful motivators to continue on that path. It can help you to get down to the gym, or begin a morning run.

When you’ve seen the benefits of cutting down on sugar, it is easier to continue on the path. You’ve seen the results for yourself and want to improve!

Furthermore, reducing the amount of sugar in your diet can actually reduce the urge to snack throughout the day, making it easier to keep sugar levels in your diet down.

Appreciation of real food

Food is great. We all love food. But in a world in which a large majority of foods are full of added flavorings and too much sugar, we can forget that food often doesn’t need all these extras to taste great.

Roast vegetables are, quite simply, delicious. Steak is up there with the best foods ever. An avocado salad can be both refreshing and filling on a warm evening. Going for low sugar doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your taste buds. In fact, many people find that when sugar dependence is reduced they find they notice and enjoy the natural flavor of meals that offer a greater range of flavors than sugar-laced foods.

Glucose level management

This is the big one, especially for people with diabetes, whether they use medication or diet-only management.

Eating less sugar means that blood sugar levels are going to fluctuate a lot less.

If you have had success with reducing the sugar in your diet, you may want to consider going to the next step and following a low carbohydrate diet. Low-carb diets have been shown in many cases to really help keep blood glucose levels down and improve HbA1c readings.

Important: It is strongly advised to consult a health care professional before you make any substantial changes to your diet.

Those who are free of the sugary shackles that tie them to their diets can find that they feel fresher, feel healthier, and have a much more positive experience in life. You, too, could free your diet today.