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Diabetes Community Blog - Monthly Archives - December 2015

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5 tips to get a better night’s sleep

Published December 21, 2015
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A good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but there are several reasons that people with diabetes can have interrupted sleep, leaving them tired the next day. Too high or low blood glucose levels and sleep apnea can affect your sleep if you have diabetes and result in you waking up ...


7-year-old boy with type 1 diabetes dies, Japanese “exorcist” arrested

Published December 3, 2015

A Japanese man claiming to be an exorcist has been arrested following the death of a 7-year-old boy whose parents ceased his insulin treatment. Hiroji Kondo, 60, was arrested on suspicion of persuading the parents of Shun Imai to stop giving him insulin. Shun’s parents have also been questioned ...

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