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Diabetes Community Blog - Monthly Archives - July 2015

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The tragic story of Raghad Hasoun, the 11-year-old diabetic refugee who died after traffickers threw her insulin overboard

Published July 29, 2015
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Eyas Hasoun knew that throwing the bag of insulin overboard would mean his daughter’s death, but, faced with a crowd of men armed with assault rifles, he never really had a choice. She died on the fifth day without insulin. “She was fading,” said Mr. Hasoun. “She ...


How can dogs detect hypos? Meet the PhD student trying to find out

Published July 15, 2015
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A Canadian student is hoping to deliver scientific evidence that dogs can be trained to detect changes in blood glucose levels. Catherine Reeve, a PhD student at Dalhousie University, is hoping her study will assist in the training of diabetic service dogs. Hypo alert dogs are specifically ...

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