A teen in Anchorage, Alaska was allegedly mocked by her school bus driver – as she suffered a hypoglycemic attack. Perhaps a lack of diabetes awareness was partly to blame?

Diabetic teenager mocked by school bus driver

Hannah Crose, a freshman at Service High School with type 1 diabetes, noticed that her blood glucose levels had fallen to 35mg/dL. She had just finished a gym class, and this, along with the cold, caused the sudden and severe drop in her blood sugar.

A friend tried to find a sugary drink, and the other children offered her candy, but reports suggest that the driver of the bus was less helpful.

“He immediately starting yelling at her to move, that he needed to leave, that he couldn’t drive and talk and that he was already late,” said Bo Crose, Hannah’s mother. Crose was on the phone with her daughter at the time, and asked her to pass the phone to the driver so she could explain what was wrong.

He shouted “why didn’t you take care of that before now? We have to leave.”

Bo Crose could hear her daughter in tears, hear the panic in her voice. And she could hear the driver mockingly screaming “Ooh, we have a medical emergency, call 411, call 411.”

A problem of diabetes awareness?

It’s a shocking story, but Crose wanted to point out all the people who had helped and showed great diabetes awarenesss, including the school nurse, who took Hannah off the bus:

“I love her nurse. I also want to thank the kids on her bus who stood up to the bus driver and tried to help her out. One kid gave her his Dr. Pepper, others gave up their candy they just got.”

If the reports are true, the driver showed not only cruelty towards a child who was suffering, but a lack of diabetes awareness. And yet, perhaps we should focus on those who did help, on the diabetes awareness of the other students and the school nurse, and the seriousness with which the issue has been taken by the Anchorage School District.