With preparations for Christmas likely on the border between calm and frantic for most families, the most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us.

Buying Christmas presents for a loved one, family member or friend can be challenging, especially so if they have diabetes.

To save you browsing through stores aimlessly, we’ve selected five gift ideas that could make a difference to the life of somebody you know with diabetes this Christmas.

Diabetic Barbie

girl-with-pumpDiabetic Barbie was the brainchild of Amy Ermel, who developed a Diabetic Barbie in response to her daughter asking why there wasn’t a doll for diabetes.

The doll has a pump, a syringe pen needle – should she choose not to use a pump – a blood testing meter and a juice box for low blood sugars – all made of clay.

Ermel is hoping her Facebook page can reach 5000 “likes” to bring a petition to Mattel in the hope of lining up a suite of diabetic dolls. Since Ermel’s progress, another petition has been started for doll accessories to be made widely by American Girl.

Toy testers are available to purchase, as well as toy insulin pumps, but a Diabetic Barbie is not specifically available as a gift. However, those with a creative streak could take some clay and create a dynamic diabetes accessory for a youngster this year, be it a doll or another toy.


A steamer can add some variety for diabetic meal planning, which can be repetitive for people with diabetes that may be uninspired with their cooking routines.

As well as retaining the nutrients in food, and natural colours and flavours in vegetables, a steamer also allows for faster cooking times. This way people can be more proactive in other areas of the kitchen.

A steamer also cooks with water, rather than oil and butter, making it a healthy and convenient gift for somebody with diabetes for Christmas this year.

Dexcom SHARE

If your recipient uses a Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) then the Dexcom SHARE could provide a much-welcomed stocking filler.

The Dexcom SHARE, from Dexcom Inc, is the first remote mobile communications device that can show glucose levels and trends. It can also share results with up to five people through a secure wireless connection.

The product will set you back around $300, so it may not be an appropriate gift for an acquaintance, but for a family member it could prove very useful, especially for young people with diabetes who require constant supervision. It is currently only available in the United States.

Running shoes

RaceExercise can be of great benefit to people with diabetes, while foot care is also an incredibly important aspect to consider.

Once you have discovered from a family member, partner or friend what your recipient’s foot size is, some comfortable running shoes would be a gift that covers multiple bases.

Perhaps leave the receipt in the box, in case you horribly misjudge their fashion sense, but running shoes that feel great can make a big difference in encouraging people with diabetes to increase physical activity.


To further encourage fitness, a pedometer to count your steps when exercising is a great way of managing diabetes and staying healthy.

Research has found that a pedometer program can be of great benefit to people with diabetes, improving their quality of life in the process.

People of all ages could benefit from a pedometer, which can be purchased across different prices, but they can all keep your recipient fit and healthy.